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35 Degrees South is a Land Surveying company located in Albany (35° South, 118° East) in the South-Coastal region of Western Australia.

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At 35 Degrees South we pride ourselves on the wide range of quality services available.

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35 Degrees South can provide complete solutions for land developments of all scales. Our services include:

  • Preparation and submission of subdivision applications.
  • Consultation and negotiation with statutory authorities and local government.
  • Subdivisional design
Re-establishment surveys, commonly known as re-pegs are routinely performed for builders prior to construction of new or additional buildings. The precise definition of property boundaries is becoming increasingly important as building density codes increase and where building walls are located on or close to boundaries.

Identification surveys also require a Licensed Surveyor to establish the precise location of a property boundary in order to determine possible encroachments over the boundary.

Adverse Possession is another area in which we can provide advice and measurements to clients

Strata subdivisions are a development option for single and multiple building developments on a single parcel of land and may be used for certain rural property developments.

Strata surveys

The staff of 35 Degrees South have experience in engineering setout for major road construction and other infrastructure such as stormwater drainage and sewerage. We are also able to carry out "As-constructed" surveys of the final construction.

These days it is not uncommon for buildings to have un-conventional shapes rather than the traditional rectangle. Such buildings can be very awkward for builders to setout. Or perhaps the building is located on terrain, which makes it difficult to setout using the builders normal tools. We can help. Buildings of all shapes and sizes setout accurately on any terrain.

Building, road and construction setout

Site surveys are now required by almost all local authorities to locate ground level contours and existing features prior to the granting of building licenses for new home construction. We carry out fast and cost-effective surveys for owners and builders and will promptly deliver the results in the clients choice of formats, such as plans or digital data formatted for a wide variety of CAD software. We also make use of e-mail for rapid delivery of digital data to our clients.

Site feature surveys

Many new vineyards have been established in recent years in the Denmark, Mt Barker and Frankland regions. The scientific basis of vineyard development requires accurate location of soil test pits, ground contours and other relevant factors. 35 Degrees South can meet these needs.

Mechanical harvesting equipment and aesthetics also require that vine rows be accurately spaced and oriented. The harsh nature of local soils frequently requires ripping by bulldozer. We can place marks for the guidance of dozers and subsequent placement of strainer poles and trellising.

Agricultural enterprises are making use of modern satellite positioning and remote sensing technology to enhance and improve farming practices. At 35 Degrees South we can aid farmers in mapping their properties in order to utilize GPS positioning equipment.

We can establish horizontal and vertical control for aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry and conduct ground truthing surveys to verify mapping models.

Photogrammetric control

35 Degrees South is experienced in provision of survey auditing on major road construction projects. We can also undertake to install road alignment control to meet the requirements of Main Roads Western Australia or co-ordinated survey control for any other purposes.

Audit surveying and control establishment

Stockpile and dam volumes may be estimated from measurements of the surfaces of the stockpile or dam. Measurements are electronically recorded with a total station theodolite and then modelled on computer in order to calculate volumes. Dam volumes may be estimated whether full or empty though it is preferable to measure the dam whilst empty for obvious reasons!

Volume & Stockpile Survey

Lettable Area Surveys (or BOMA Surveys) take their name from the Building Owners and Manager Association which derived the "standard" set of rules for measuring building areas for determination of areas for letting or rental purposes. The current BOMA rules are adopted for measurement of all types of commercial, industrial and retail properties and the results are certified by a Licensed Surveyor.

Lettable area surveys

35 Degrees South has carried out numerous bathymetric surveys and side scan sonar and sub-bottome profiling surveys, including surveys for the Albany Port Authority, Water Corporation, Whelans Surveying, Whaleworld Albany, and Great Southern Development Commisssion

Our dedication to meeting quoted timeframes, attention to detail, customer service and communication

ensures the satisfaction of each and every one of our clients.